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Pelican Water Systems is a Florida based manufacturer and retailer of salt free and salt based water filtration and softener systems for drinking, cooking and bathing. The whole home systems are sold to all 50 states, Canada and international markets.

Pelican Water Systems is a company that produces water filtration and softening systems to help families have cleaner, better tasting water in their homes. The company leads the industry in removing chlorine and harmful pathogens from home water supplies.At, you can find whole house water filters for fluoride or sediment, as well as filter and softener combination units. Salt-free softeners are also available to protect your appliances and plumbing fixtures from corrosive damage and hard water scale buildup. Be sure to use Giving Assistant promo codes to save money on your purchase.Pelican Water systems are cost-effective and eco-friendly. With Pelican, there is no wasted water or salt brine discharge into local water systems. If you are concerned about microorganisms in your water, you could consider a UV system to add a level of protection that filters alone cannot provide.If you do not need a whole house system and are only concerned with drinking water, you can opt for a countertop or under counter unit. You also might want to consider a reverse osmosis unit. When you use coupons and get them through Giving Assistant, you are not only saving money for yourself, but you are making a contribution that will help others as well.

Pelican Water Systems is the established market leader in salt-free water softening / conditioning systems and a leading provider of environmentally friendly water treatment products. Our mission is to be the world's premier water solutions company through the development of premium, innovative, and environmentally responsible products.Consumers across the world can purchase our products in two ways. We promote our Pelican Water Systems whole-house and point-of-use products direct-to-consumers via and via leading online retailers like Featuring our Enviro Water Products line, our Trade division partners with market leading wholesale plumbing distributors and dealers to reach the do-it-for-me consumer market.Our NaturSoft Salt-Free Water Softener / Conditioner is the only salt-free product on the market certified by the DVGW to prevent 99.6% of scale buildup. It conditions water without the slippery feel, uses no salt or electricity and wastes no water. Additionally, it leaves in the beneficial minerals typically removed by salt-based softeners. By combining our NaturSoft system with our Carbon Series Whole-House Filter, we deliver better than bottled water from every tap in the home. Pelican Water Systems is a high energy, high growth company with a dynamic culture headquartered in Deland, FL. 041b061a72

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