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Neuromarketing For Dummies Free Ebook Download !FREE!

The easiest way to use neuromarketing techniques on your website is to download an app that can do the hard work for you. Nudgify is a Social Proof app that can be added to Shopify stores, blogs and business websites, to increase sales and sign-ups. Creating effects like Social Proof and FOMO, Nudgify can improve your customer experience and increase your conversion rate. It can also be used to reduce Friction throughout your sales funnel.

Neuromarketing For Dummies free ebook download

That type of transaction could invoke reciprocity if the publisher let a visitor download a free ebook first, and then suggested they subscribe. (I described this approach in Collecting Visitor Info: Reward vs. Reciprocity.)

Another way to boost subscriptions might be a double-reward approach. This method would let visitors download something without subscribing. When they get their free item (and reciprocity is invoked), they would see a call to action to subscribe with another related free item.

Savvymarketers use the principle of consistency for everything, right from generating leads (making low stakesoffers like a free ebook download followed by the high stake ones) to encouraging people to complete their signupprocess (with UI elements and micro copy that tug at their inherentbehavioral impulse for staying consistent).

Ebooks are a great marketing idea to showcase your expertise, to collect leads and to provide value to your customers. While you can choose to publish and charge for your ebook on Amazon, it can also be useful as a freebie to give your customers in your niche. For example, if you sell tea accessories, you might want to create an ebook about desserts made with tea or how to host a tea party. By requiring an email to download the ebook, you can remarket to your readers to sell your products.

Survey your customers first. Ask your customers if they have any questions about your niche, how they use your product and if they have any creative uses for it. Are they struggling to master something? Do they need help finding multiple uses for your product? Are they looking for creative DIY ideas on how they can use your product? Be sure to include their issues by solving their problems within the ebook. If survey responses are low, offer an incentive such as a discount, a gift card to your store or a small free gift. 041b061a72

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