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Download Heaven Burns Red APK and Run Around the Field, Challenge Your Life-Threatening Battle, and Enjoy the Irreplaceable Days

Heaven Burns Red: A Dramatic RPG with a Story by Jun Maeda

If you are a fan of visual novels or anime-style games, you may have heard of Heaven Burns Red, a free-to-play mobile action game co-developed by WFS, inc. and Key. It was released on February 10, 2022 for iOS and Android in Japan, and it is Jun Maeda's first completely new game in 15 years as main scenario writer since Little Busters! (2007). A version for Windows is also available on Steam.

Heaven Burns Red is a turn-based role playing game in which you can assemble a team of six out of 48 available girls and fight against extraterrestrial beings known as Cancer. The game's story is told in a visual novel style, fully voiced by a cast of 50 Japanese voice actors. The game also features a rich soundtrack composed by Jun Maeda himself, and a high-quality graphics engine that allows you to explore the fields and interact with the characters.

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