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How To Change Facebook Chat Names

Learning how to change the group chat name on Facebook can help you organize your messages and save you time. It also helps keep your Facebook experience better. If you have questions about any of the information in this article, let us know in the comments section.

how to change facebook chat names


The Facebook Messenger default settings show when you are active online and available to chat with a co-worker or friend. Your connections see a green dot on their Facebook Messenger app or Facebook website that indicates you're available, and you can see which of your connections are available to receive messages in real time by locating the green light next to their names. This makes it easy to connect with someone in real time when you know they are online and can see your message.

Facebook Messenger looks different when viewed in a web browser because it is integrated with Facebook as a whole and does not work as an independent app. Your chat contacts appear in a panel to the right of the main Facebook screen. When you are online, you can see a green dot next to each person on the list who is also currently online. When you are inactive, you can still see their names and send messages to them, but you can't see if they are online, and they can't see whether you are online.

If you want to set nicknames for your friends on the Messenger app then you can choose any nicknames and then set them for certain friends from your chat list. If you are using Android or iOS, on both devices system is possible and the process is a little different for both OS.

To change the name in Messenger group chat, open the Messenger chats section and find the group chats you want to change the name to, and open it. Click on the Three dots from the top right corner, and tap Change Name. Now enter the name you want to change and save it.

Along with a new logo, Facebook recently introduced several new features for Facebook Messenger. Those inclu