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Noite Ilustrada - Cada Vez Melhor: Lyrics and Translations

Noite Ilustrada - Cada Vez Melhor: A Samba Legend

If you are a fan of Brazilian music, you have probably heard of Noite Ilustrada, one of the most popular and influential samba singers of all time. His career spanned over five decades, and he recorded dozens of albums and hundreds of songs, many of which became classics of the genre. One of his most acclaimed albums is Cada Vez Melhor, which means "Each Time Better" in Portuguese. This album showcases his mature and refined style, as well as his expressive and soulful voice.

noite ilustrada cada vez melhor 4shared

In this article, we will explore the history and the highlights of Cada Vez Melhor, and why you should listen to it or download it from 4shared, a free file sharing service that offers a large collection of music files.

The History of Cada Vez Melhor

Noite Ilustrada was born in 1928 in Pirapetinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil. He started singing at a young age, and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1947 to pursue his musical career. He soon became a regular performer at nightclubs and radio stations, where he met and befriended other famous samba artists, such as Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, and Zé Keti. He also participated in several samba festivals and competitions, winning several awards and recognition.

In 1955, he moved to São Paulo, where he continued his successful career. He recorded his first album in 1956, titled Noite Ilustrada Canta Sambas de Bom Gosto (Noite Ilustrada Sings Tasteful Sambas). He followed with several other albums throughout the years, such as Noite Ilustrada e Seus Sucessos (Noite Ilustrada and His Hits), Noite Ilustrada Interpreta Lupicínio Rodrigues (Noite Ilustrada Interprets Lupicínio Rodrigues), and Noite Ilustrada Canta Ataulfo Alves (Noite Ilustrada Sings Ataulfo Alves).

One of his most celebrated albums is Cada Vez Melhor, which was released in 1977 by Continental Records. This album features 12 tracks, composed by some of the best samba songwriters of Brazil, such as Chico Buarque, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, Paulinho da Viola, and Martinho da Vila. The album was produced by Maestro Portinho, who also arranged the orchestration and the backing vocals. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, and is considered one of the best works of Noite Ilustrada.

The Highlights of Cada Vez Melhor

Cada Vez Melhor is a masterpiece of samba music, that showcases the talent and the versatility of Noite Ilustrada. The album covers different styles and moods of samba, from romantic ballads to upbeat party songs. Here are some of the highlights of the album:

  • A Flor e o Espinho (The Flower and the Thorn): This is one of the most famous songs by Nelson Cavaquinho, a legendary samba composer. The song is a melancholic lament about a lost love, who left only pain and sorrow behind. Noite Ilustrada sings with emotion and elegance, accompanied by a delicate guitar and a subtle orchestra.

  • Apelo (Appeal): This is a classic song by Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell, two giants of Brazilian music. The song is a passionate plea to a lover who wants to leave, asking for forgiveness and another chance. Noite Ilustrada delivers a powerful and expressive performance, with a rich orchestration and a catchy chorus.

  • Volta por Cima (Turn Around): This is an uplifting song by Paulo Vanzolini, a renowned samba songwriter. The song is an anthem of resilience and optimism, telling the story of someone who overcame adversity and hardship with courage and dignity. Noite Ilustrada sings with energy and joy, with a lively orchestra and a cheerful backing vocals.

  • Onde Anda Você (Where Are You): This is a beautiful song by Toquinho and Hermínio Bello de Carvalho, two talented samba artists. The song is a nostalgic reminiscence of a past love, who disappeared without a trace. Noite Ilustrada sings with tenderness and grace, with a soft guitar and a sweet flute.

  • Canta Brasil (Sing Brazil): This is an upbeat song by David Nasser and Alcyr Pires Vermelho, two patriotic samba composers. The song is a tribute to Brazil and its diversity and beauty. Noite Ilustrada sings with pride and enthusiasm, with a vibrant orchestra and a festive backing vocals.

Why You Should Listen to Cada Vez Melhor

Cada Vez Melhor is an album that every samba lover should listen to or download from 4shared. It is an album that showcases the best of Noite Ilustrada's voice and style, as well as the best of Brazilian samba music. It is an album that will make you feel different emotions, from sadness to happiness, from nostalgia to hope. It is an album that will make you appreciate the richness and the beauty of Brazilian culture.

If you want to listen to or download Cada Vez Melhor by Noite Ilustrada from 4shared, you can do so by following this link:

You will not regret it!

What Makes Noite Ilustrada a Samba Legend

Noite Ilustrada is not only a great singer, but also a samba legend. He is widely regarded as one of the most important and influential figures of Brazilian music, especially in the samba genre. He is admired and respected by many other artists, who have covered his songs or collaborated with him. He is also loved and celebrated by the public, who recognize his talent and his contribution to the Brazilian culture.

What makes Noite Ilustrada a samba legend is his unique and distinctive voice, which combines power and emotion, elegance and soul. He is able to sing with different tones and nuances, expressing different feelings and moods. He is also able to adapt to different styles and rhythms of samba, from the traditional to the modern, from the romantic to the festive. He has a remarkable repertoire, which includes songs by some of the best samba composers of Brazil, as well as his own compositions.

Noite Ilustrada is a samba legend because he represents the essence and the spirit of samba, which is a musical expression of the Brazilian identity and diversity. He sings about love and life, joy and sorrow, hope and struggle. He sings with passion and sincerity, with grace and charm. He sings with his heart and his soul.

How to Enjoy Cada Vez Melhor by Noite Ilustrada

Cada Vez Melhor by Noite Ilustrada is an album that you can enjoy in different ways and occasions. You can listen to it or download it from 4shared, and play it on your device whenever you want. You can also share it with your friends or family, and enjoy it together. You can also use it as a background music for your activities or events, such as studying, working, relaxing, or celebrating.

Cada Vez Melhor by Noite Ilustrada is an album that will make you feel good and happy. It will make you appreciate the beauty and the richness of samba music, and of Brazilian culture in general. It will make you discover or rediscover the talent and the style of Noite Ilustrada, one of the greatest samba singers of all time.

Cada Vez Melhor by Noite Ilustrada is an album that you will love and cherish. It is an album that you will never get tired of listening to or downloading from 4shared. It is an album that you will always remember as one of the best albums of samba music ever made. ca3e7ad8fd

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