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Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez

Good Old BATCH Makes trouble

The big batch tequila cocktail you never knew you needed, this recipe is guaranteed to bring the party to your holiday get-together. Grab some tequila, grapefruit juice, cranberry puree, orange juice, lime juice and Squirt soda and let the good times roll.

Good old BATCH makes trouble

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Hi , l have a yogurt maker that makes great yogurt but with my last batch l put the lids on the yogurt pots and then turned it on on for 10 hours (the lids should go on after the cooking process) is the yogurt safe to eat ? as it was quite hot when I took it out of yogurt maker, l hope she one can help with this.

It is the responsibility of your ready-mix producer to deliver a consistent concrete mix. But that's more complex than it sounds since concrete is made up of a number of ingredients with their own inherent variability. Cement, supplementary cementitious materials, sand, stone, water, admixtures, and possibly fibers are all blended together, and having them interact consistently from batch to batch does not happen "by accident." All concrete ingredients must comply with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Concrete aggregates must be of good quality. Mix water quantities must be adjusted based on the moisture contents of the sand and stone. If not, the consequences in the field can be significant.

If there was to be a new trend in the industry, or if a wave of seasonal demand were to come into effect, batch production makes it possible to tweak items from one production cycle to the next (rather than having an unchanged item for a long period of time).