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After the Ottomans came into power, the sultans of Ottoman Empire concerned themselves with the management of hajj program, and allocated annual budget for its arrangement.[33] During this period, Damascus and Cairo were still the main points from where the chief hajj caravans would depart and come back.[34][35] These caravans included thousands of camels for carrying pilgrims, merchants, goods, foodstuff, and water. A lot of people also made their pilgrimage journey on foot. The rulers would supply necessary military forces to ensure security of hajj caravans. Commanders for the caravans leaving from Cairo and Damascus were designated by the Muslim sovereign and were known as Amir al-Hajj. They were in charge of protecting the pilgrims of the caravan, and securing funds and supplies for the journey.[36] Surgeons and physicians were also sent with Syrian caravans to doctor the pilgrims free of costs.[37] During this period, around 20,000 to 60,000 people made their pilgrimage annually.[36] 1e1e36bf2d