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Iron Eagle III Image

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Iron Eagle III image

ARES is a full-scale proof-of-concept demonstrator that was developed as a concept in support of a U.S. Army request for a Low Cost Battlefield Attack Aircraft (LCBAA). The LCBAA design goals were low-altitude, anti-tank, battlefield support with long endurance, and capable of operating outside of improved airfields environment.ARES has flown more than 430 hours, and demonstrated all of its design performance and handling qualities goals, including departure-free handling at full aft stick. During November of 1991, tests of the GAU-12/U gun system installed in ARES were performed, with outstanding results.Movie buffs may also remember the ARES in its role as the secret ME-263 jet in the screen classic Iron Eagle III.ARES is currently being used as a research test bed and is available for future projects. 041b061a72

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